Maaya’s arts

Team Chihayafuru <3

They have succeed because of their hard work, never give up on your dreams

I just watch pictures and tears starting to fall out of my eyes. I miss Chihayafuru so damn!!!! I’m going to die or something… ^^” 

I gave it my all, my everything. 


And this is why I like Taichi more.

it hurts T-T


Seriously, everything from the way each character plays karuta to the way they lead is perfectly distinct and in-character.

Chihaya’s like her favorite card, impassionate, and the speed, impulsiveness and dedication to karuta that helps her win matches also helps her encourage and win over the…

I ask that too!! Why the hell is that soo good, an dwhy there aren’t 100 season of this? T-T

{sports anime} t e a m - e d i t s 6/✪ || mizusawa karuta  
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